YES Cutting Boards

YES participants, Bonnie and Stewart, crafting cutting boards

Are there any changes in our participants due to their engagement with the YES Initiative? It’s my belief the answer is a resounding YES!

Often a repeated conversation that we are having with new participants, at the intake interviews where young people have expressed that they are experiencing low self-esteem and troubling levels of anxiety.

Furthermore, they are unsure as to what they can offer of themselves that may be deemed useful or of value to potential employers. Most young people do come to YES with both personal and career goals. With that said, it’s YES’ aim to develop and build upon skills and to assist participants to transition from a sense of uncertainly to obtain a clearer direction and purpose.

Upon intake, a common scenario might be as follows:

  • YES – “So what can you bring to the YES Initiative?” (This question may be similar to what may be asked in an actual job interview).
  • Participant – “Um, actually I’m not sure. But, I’m honest and I want to try new things.”

It’s a privilege to work as part of a team that assists participants to ‘realise their potential and achieve their goals.’

I bear witness to cheers of celebration and telltale signs of accomplishment when a participant has gained employment, obtained their driver’s license or made a beautiful wood-craft piece.

These are the big, celebratory wins; but it’s the small, somewhat insignificant wins that causes me to think that we are making a difference where it counts most – acceptance, peer encouragement, healthy communication, arriving to YES on time, getting involved and making good choices.

Some might conclude that employability skills are under construction – communication, team work, self-management, initiative, planning, learning and problem solving.

YES; we certainly are making a difference in the lives of our Participants and that’s great news!

Bridget Tape – YES Coordinator