Community Involvement

Communities are diverse and have a range of networks and resources to assist individuals and groups. Impact Communities will work with community organisations, groups, individuals and families so they are equipped and supported to realise their potential and achieve their goals.

Our Goals

  • Quality resources

    To create circumstances where people can develop the confidence to identify strengths, set goals and develop plans for achieving them by utilising quality resources.

  • Programs and engagement

    To promote participation in Impact Communities' programs and engagement in existing mainstream services.

  • Future planning

    To encourage people to foresee a future, have something to look forward to and a plan for achieving their goals.

  • Best outcomes

    To facilitate government, support services, schools and other organisations to work collectively to achieve best possible outcomes for communities.

  • Identify needs

    To identify needs and design programs through broad consultation and the utilisation of current research, while maintaining a commitment to not duplicating or competing with existing services.

Have some ideas for your community?