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Safe Smart and Prepared

Impact Communities, in collaboration with NT Christian Schools and Clan Midland, are the go to places to explore and discuss FAST® implementation in Australia. We have access to trainers across the country to assist you in your FAST delivery.

FAST is an award-winning set of preventive/early intervention after-school programs that has dramatically changed the learning climate at schools and communities all over the world. First released in 1990, this model has changed the way many people think of parent involvement, interventions...and how to keep kids safe, drug-free and in school.

FAST® Programs:

  • Connect parents and kids to their schools and communities
  • Promote community service and voluntary participation
  • Guide parents in building personal success assets in their kids
  • Build skills and change attitudes through experiential learning
  • Preserve precious classroom time through school-focused, extracurricular parental involvement
  • Ensure that capable parents/caregivers remain the primary agents of protection for their kids

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All FAST® programs include:

  • Complete on-site team training and team/site certification
  • Site visits and support by trainer
  • All manuals and forms
  • Activity components
  • Pre and post surveys
  • Evaluation report for proof of effectiveness
  • Initial and ongoing technical support
  • Recruitment and PR collateral
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • FASTWORKS® membership

FAST® Models

FAST began as a programme for families of ‘at-risk’ primary age students. The programme’s research foundations in positive psychology and new brain research quickly proved to have wider application for all families, for mothers and babies (FAST Babies), pre-schoolers teenagers (Teen FAST and High School FAST).


Baby FAST is a widely used, multifamily group intervention model for young parents and their infants and toddlers (age 0‐3). It works especially well for first‐time mothers and is intended to protect vulnerable families with risk factors, such as single‐parent families, teen mums, isolated families, or within communities with higher risk factors.


Kids FAST is our primary school age program for parents and their student children (K ‐ 5th). This widely distributed, popular program was our first model. We developed it to help parents become more involved in the lives of their children through family relationship management, improved parent‐child bonding, and stimulating parental empowerment. By empowering parents to be the primary protective factors for their own family, we help make lasting changes in the structures of complete families. It works extremely well with both universal and selective approaches to enrolment.

Youth FAST

Youth FAST is our program for high school‐aged youth (years 9 – 10). It includes an 8‐week course on building success factors in pre‐adult youths in a unique process that encourages development and leadership. In this model, youth rather than parents are approached and become interested in the program. They recruit a parent or a mentor, and work within the process to create a community of support for their needs. As with all of our FAST programs, Youth FAST includes an ongoing mutual support community involvement phase where kids meets regularly for two years.


FASTWORKS is a two year follow-on program from the 8 week FAST program. FASTWORKS equips, trains, empowers and supports families to sustain small scale events that build social capital. Increased support will see FASTWORKS established as an on-going community resource.

FAST helps make families stronger so that they can help their kids become strong and successful in life.


FAST is good for my school because it gives families an opportunity to talk to each other and have a good time doing it. It promotes healthy relationships.


FAST has reassured me that I am a good parent. Before FAST I doubted that in myself, especially when my FAST child got in trouble at school.



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