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Employment Skills Training

The aim of ‘Employment Skills Training’ is to increase your knowledge of the current job market and how to best match your skills and strengths to what today's employers are looking for. 

Who is this program for?

The training is available for anyone who is wanting to increase their knowledge and better their chances of employment. Throughout the training you will discover: 

  • Essential Skills

    What employability skills are and what skills are essential 

  • Personal Qualities

    Your personal qualities and how they can be utilised 

  • Values

    The importance of values to enable you to thrive in any workplace

What the program will cover

Designed to be delivered in a group setting the program covers areas such as:

  • What does it take to be Work Ready
  • Understanding the difference between Employability skills, Technical skills and LLN
  • Self evaluation of own Employability skills and ways to strengthen underperforming areas 
  • What is communication
  • Types of communication 
  • The importance of the right communication within a workplace 
  • A chance to put the knowledge you have learnt into practice
  • An opportunity to suggest ideas and make possible solution
  • Can also be delivered in groups, online or one to one. Contact us to find out more
  • It was great to get out and meet new people
  • Being an introvert the communication section was good and has given me some tools to use 
  • The group activities were fun and engaging 
  • I have some personal goals and am aware of the areas i would like to strengthen 

Employment Skills Training can also be delivered in groups, online or one-to-one. Contact us to find out more.

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