increase your opportunity

Advanced Job Reach

Our aim of ‘Advanced Job Reach’ (AJR) is to increase your opportunity to gain long-term employment in a supportive environment with a job placement being the primary goal.

Are you over 45 years old?

Are you actively looking for employment in Southern Tasmania?

Do you want to be a part of an innovative program in a positive peer support environment?

Advanced Job Reach offers you:

  • Goal setting

    8 weeks of supported goal setting.

  • Coaching

    Participating in group and one-on-one coaching.

  • Lived Experience

    Builds upon your strengths of lived experience

  • New Ideas

    Provides techniques for you to embrace new ideas in today's job market.

How the Program works

AJR is an 8 week program that consists of group and individual One on One sessions. Over the 8 weeks participants are taken through a wide range of coaching and mentoring modules that are delivered in a group setting. The modules are specifically designed to assist participants in creating an inspiring life and career pathway plan with the facilitator there to support them along their journey. 

In addition to the group sessions all participants have the opportunity to meet One on One numerous times for specific coaching and individual support when required. 

8 Week Course Outline

 9.30am - 2.30pm

The Career Coaching Module goes beyond traditional, best fit career approaches to assist every person to design an inspiring Life and Career Pathway Plan that matches their strengths, interests, values and preferred lifestyle from the inside out.

The CYFS facilitator will take each participant on a journey of self-discovery where they will complete a Who am I? personal profile and be taken through the five POWER Coaching steps, assisted by a step by step PowerPoint presentation and a series of coaching floor card sorts and other motivational activities:

  • Step 1 - Imagine...Possibilities for their life and career
  • Step 2 - Become...Organised by making a 1, 5 and 10 year plan
  • Step 3 - Develop...Will-power to do what it takes
  • Step 4 - Build........Emotional skills and get support
  • Step 5 - Achieve...Results by taking action

One on One focusing on goals from Module One completed the week prior.

9.30am - 2.30pm

The Life Coaching Module includes powerful future and action oriented coaching strategies to assist young people to identify the emotional skills they need to achieve greater health and well-being in all areas of their life.

With the assistance of a step by step PowerPoint presentation and powerful coaching activities and card sort focus, the CYFS facilitator will assist participants to design a tailor made, Steps For My Life Success Pathway Plan that can be used to focus all on going coaching sessions to maximise change, learning and action.

One on One focusing on goals from Module Two completed the week prior.

Digital Ready – Presented by State Growth   

  • How to get the most out of your smart phone and devices
  • What is a digital footprint
  • What your social media pages say about you
  • How to navigate job search websites Cyber safety and scams  

Employability Skills Self-Assessment  

  • What are Employability Skills?
  • What Employability skills do you have?
  • Let’s make a plan to become work ready 

One on One focusing on resumes as well as previous goals achieved and setting new ones.

9.30am - 2.30pm 


Resumes & Cover Letters

  • Discuss as a group what makes a great resume and debunk some myths 

Creating your pitch

  • Create pitch
  • Practice pitch
  • Present to the group

Dress your best 

  • What to wear and how to present your best self for cold canvassing and interviews

9.30am - 12.30pm


ESO Visit - Employment Service Officers 

  • Leon and Carmen will discuss their role within Workskills and how they can assist Work Ready participants
  • ESO Team give a real insight into today’s job market here in Hobart and where the next opportunities are 


  • Workskills representatives as well as Community Partners come together and Celebrate the great success of all participants.  

Being able to talk to people who are experiencing the same challenges looking for work was great


Always helps me to know that I’m not alone in trying to find my way back into the workforce


I was sad that it had ended we are all bonding as a supportive group


It was fantastic, it felt as though i was a members of an elite club


I am more confident when speaking to complete strangers and new employers


I now feel as though I have a sense of purpose and direction even after the FIRST session


It’s just great to be a part of a group of likeminded people


I have learnt so much about myself and value all of my skills and knowledge that I have acquired over the years

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