Troublesmiths is a youth social enterprise powered by positivity and hard work.

Trouble Makers

Now recruiting for our next round of Troublesmiths!

If you are a young jobseeker, and live in Southern Tasmania, check out the (very easy) application form here

Any young person with a desire to work and be part of a team is welcome to apply.

With Troublesmiths, you gain all sorts of skills by creating products with the team, and selling them.

We give you full training, and the environment is really supportive and fun.

We’ll even help you build a great resumé and cover letter!

Interviews and inductions will start soon, so get cracking! We’d love to welcome you to the Troublesmiths team.

Eager young Tasmanian job-seekers

Eager young Tasmanian job-seekers

Troublesmiths has commenced yet another round of eager young Tasmanian job- seekers at their Murray Street Shop. The youth employment initiative, is aimed at 15-24-year olds who are currently experiencing a ‘gap’ in their employment journey and are at risk of long-term unemployment. Troublesmiths have had some very successful employment and social outcomes for previous…


Youth employment initiative helps launch ‘Troublesmiths’ into work

A Tasmanian social enterprise-based employment program for young people who are disengaged from education and at risk of long-term unemployment, will launch its first evaluation report on Monday. The youth employment initiative Troublesmiths, is aimed at 15-24-year olds and is delivered by Impact Communities, a social impact initiative of the Tasmanian not-for-profit organisation, Workskills Inc.…

Freya’s Troublesmiths Journey

Freya’s Troublesmiths Journey

When I first started I was lacking in self-confidence and found that I always doubted myself. During my time here I’ve learnt to think more positively and I now approach things with a more positive attitude. I got so much out of the coaching. It showed me that being positive isn’t cheesy, it is about…