Ready Set Job

Ready Set Job is all about increasing the job readiness of people entering the workforce in Tasmania, setting them up for sustainable employment.

Ready Set Job

Impact Communities has delivered Ready Set Job across the state for the past 3 years with fantastic outcomes and feedback from participants, teachers and partners.

Ready Set Job uses a range of communication strategies to deliver the program. Participants will have discussions, listen to advice, see short videos, explore internet and print media, interact in group situations and participate in role play. Ready Set Job is delivered in a fun, interactive way equipping participants to gain an edge in their job search. Participants will receive information and resources related to the material covered.


8 models are available and can be tailor made for a specific audience:

  1. Ready Set Job – Kids

    • Assisting younger children to consider job pathways
    • Goal development
  2. Ready Set Job – Year 10 – 12
  3. Ready Set Job – Young Mums
  4. Ready Set Job – Early School Leavers
  5. Ready Set Job – Redundant workers
  6. Ready Set Job – Transitioning into work after incarceration/rehabilitation
  7. Ready Set Job – Migrant/former refugees
  8. Ready Set Job – Mature aged

* Costs may be involved and vary for the elective options.

Ready Set Job – competencies

  • Labour market awareness
  • Identify occupational interests, skills and abilities
  • Relate interests, skills and abilities to appropriate occupations
  • Develop a career path for a selected occupation
  • Select an immediate job goal
  • Construct a resume
  • Conduct a job search
  • Develop a letter of application
  • Use Cold Canvassing techniques to job search
  •  Complete application forms
  • Job interview practice

Four week course*

Week 1 (45 minutes – 3 hours)

Employability skills. Identifying and unlocking the skills that individuals have. What do employers want? (Kids – goals, what are you good at)

Week 2 (45 minutes – 3 hours)

Resumes, Cover letters, Selection Criteria, portfolios (Kids - Manners, asking questions, writing letters)

Week 3 (45 minutes – 3 hours)

How to get that job. Labour market, Cold Canvassing, presentation, networking, volunteering (Kids -mini “try a trade”, employer visit i.e. Mc Donald’s boss/footballer)

Week 4 (45 minutes – 3 hours)

 Interviews – Mock interviews (Kids - tailor made group sessions to teach kids to talk up their skills, and to tell others what they are good at)


* Costs may be involved and vary depending on course time and length.


It went in more depth than other programs have.


Now I feel more prepared for what's to come in interviews.


It has made me more excited and ready for a job.


The best thing about Ready Set Job is it taught us skills and techniques to help us find work.


I'm more confident with what i'm going to do because my knowledge is better about jobs.


We learnt more about what employers want and what we could be doing to prepare for work.


Before Ready Set Job I had little to no idea about getting a job and now I have a very good understanding.


Really gets you thinking and inspires.


It's relatively fast, easy to  keep up with and it was fun.


Now I know things I didn't know before.


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