What an amazing year!!

Ready Set Job

Prospect High School student engaged in Ready Set Job material

The past year has been an amazing second year in the life of Impact Communities. It’s hard to know where to start. So for those of us that like some stats

  • 40 teachers across the state trained by Impact Communities to deliver our designed program Ready Set Job
  • Over 300 students across 10 schools benefitted from increased employability skills through our direct delivery of Ready Set Job to them.
  • We were able to train over 50 teachers to deliver Coaching Young People for Success.
  • Teachers rated Coaching Young People for Success and Ready Set Job as the best professional development they received to assist them to help students in work readiness
  • We delivered 4 Families And Schools Together programs across 3 states (Tas, Vic and NSW) that saw over 30 families being strengthened and supported.
  • We delivered 3 different Skills Tasmania funded programs that saw over 30 women supported and equipped in their work and training pathways.
  • We now have 3 full-time staff, Mark Boonstra – Manager, Nita O’Callaghan – Community Engagement, and Stacey Foster – Administration Officer.
  • We also have had a handful of contracted staff and consultants assist us in the delivery and development of our work.

The above reflects our vision “realising potential, achieving goals”.