Impact Communities launches Ready Set Money!

Financial Literacy

Ready Set Money – Financial Literacy

Ready Set Money is all about increasing skills and knowledge in financial literacy. For staff this means building their capacity to confidently and respectfully enhance the knowledge, understanding and skills of clients experiencing difficulties, to allow them to make informed and effective financial decisions that result in a positive impact for themselves and their families.

Ready Set Money uses a range of strategies to deliver the program. It is delivered in an interactive way, with participants engaging in discussion, collaborating in pairs or group situations and participating in role play.

The program focuses on four key areas:

Values and Attitudes

  • Exploration of personal values, attitudes and the impact these have on financial decisions
  • Introduction to a Financial Health Check as a means of discussing money
  • Discussing and understanding the differences between need and wants
  • Exploring what causes people to get into financial difficulties

Money in Our Community

  • Explore payday lenders and everyday hidden costs
  • Discuss the pros and cons of credit and when to use it
  • Discuss questions to ask before using credit
  • Look at what debt means for individuals and society
  • How to work out interest
  • Discussion around the causes and effects of financial abuse

Budgeting and Support

  • Understanding how to budget and what skills can help this process
  • Personal experiences with budgeting
  • Strategies to offer support and assistance
  • Strategies for changing behaviour
  • Active listening practice
  • Goal setting strategies


  • Knowledge of emergency assistance available
  • Hundreds of energy saving and general savings tips
  • Bill assist and hardship information

Participants will receive information and resources related to the material covered.

Ready Set Money can either be delivered to staff in your organisation, so they can become confident in assisting clients in financial literacy, or delivered directly to groups.

If you are interested in running a Ready Set Money РFinancial Literacy workshop for your organisation or other participants please contact Impact Communities by phone on 03 6262 5400 or by emailing