Getting Parents Back in Business

Getting parents back in business

Skilled adults desiring to return to the paid workforce following ‘timeout’ associated with meeting primary care parenting obligations will be supported through Getting Parents Back in Business.  This pilot program, funded through Skills Tas and conducted across a period of 3 months, will aim to identify the extent of interest in, and value of, locally-based networks for skilled workers who have not been employed while parenting.  Local business and industry will be invited and supported to connect with these networks of potential employees, increasing positive growth and mutual understandings for both employers and employees.


Three Southern Tasmanian school communities have been identified as hubs, providing a range of participants.  These are Glenorchy PS, South Hobart PS and Sorell DHS. When the youngest child in a family commences school, a pathway for return to paid employment opens for primary caregivers.  Through School Associations, a facilitated network of similarly situated parents connected to these DoE schools will meet regularly to:

  • Connect with similarly motivated parents
  • Reflect on previous training, skills and achievements
  • Identify the professional skills inherent in parenting experiences
  • Share aspirations, experiences and assumptions relating to the return to work phase of their life
  • Access resources relating to financial management and the impact of earning
  • Capitalise on this network to build confidence in presentation and accomplishment
  • Explore areas of common and complementary interest and expertise
  • Understand the Tasmanian job market and local business and industry trends
  • Develop connections with local businesses
  • Build a marketable package, including quality resumes, application and interview skills
  • Source potential opportunities for refreshing or refining their skills and confidence

Business & Industry

In conjunction with the facilitated networking groups, local business and industry will be consulted and invited to share their identified needs and concerns in relation to the employment of this cohort of participants.

Their contribution to these networks may include:

  • Hosting industry visits and provision of mentorship
  • Access to internal recruitment supports
  • Potential employment opportunities
  • Practical guidance and feedback in interviewing, public speaking and marketing opportunities
  • Assisting in the development of resources for participants seeking employment
  • Industry requirements, insights  and input guiding participants to long term success in their transition to combined parenting  and professional roles

Program Outcomes

Greater confidence, understanding and preparation of parents to return to the workforce.


Ongoing support networks for parents returning to the workforce, using the school as a hub for connection.


Greater understanding and capacity for local business to employ parents with children at the local school.


Increased school-business-community connectivity.


Greater understanding of the barriers and promoters of returning to the workforce utilising the data and views of this cohort of participants and businesses.


Understanding of the differences in the support required for parents and businesses in different communities.


FAST is good for my school because it gives families an opportunity to talk to each other and have a good time doing it. It promotes healthy relationships.


FAST has reassured me that I am a good parent. Before FAST I doubted that in myself, especially when my FAST child got in trouble at school.



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