YES Tokens

The last month at Youth Entrepreneurial Services (YES) has been a rollercoaster ride and we have begun gaining momentum in all aspects of the initiative with some really great outcomes. We have had an increase in our presence at local markets and have seen some great success. Participants have begun to see some return for all of their hard work.

As a part of the YES initiative we wanted to see the participants get a proportion of the profits as the business starts to generate revenue. We have designed an innovative system where participants receive a monetary value in the form of YES tokens.

The tokens work very much the same as frequent flyer points, with each having a monetary value which can be redeemed for things that add value to their own life or career development. For example, as an artist you could use the tokens to buy materials to work in your own time, on your own projects. Another example is if a participant has a goal to gain their driver’s license, they could use the tokens towards driving lessons.

We believe that the system drives incentive and as many of our participants have never had a job, we think it’s a great way to show that when you take action and put in time, effort and persistence you receive a return for doing so.

With our presence beginning next year at both Eastlands and Northgate shopping centres we are very much looking forward to ramping up and continuing our success. Stay tuned for more updates!