Trouble Makers

Trouble Smiths

How was work today? It’s a question we often ask or answer every day, usually without much thought. But what if your chances of getting a job were impacted by situations or circumstances beyond your control? Many young job seekers face this challenge on a regular basis and these barriers can be their biggest hurdle to achieving employment. But teach our youth how to become makers, artists and entrepreneurs; to think critically and creatively, teach them how to market and build a brand and we start removing those some of those walls. Brick by brick. Enter TroubleSmiths, the social enterprise arm of Youth Entrepreneurial Services (YES*).

The name TroubleSmiths is a playful take on society’s serious misconception that our unemployed youth are troublemakers, lazy or to use offensive Australian slang “dole bludgers.” These ‘Smiths are here to shake up the status quo and prove that with grit, determination and support that they can break through the barriers of situational (and sometimes generational) unemployment.

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