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Impact Communities works to equip and support individuals and families to realise potential and achieve goals through collaborations with government, business, education & training, community organisations and other groups.


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Advanced Job Reach

Advanced Job Reach – Press Release

A Tasmanian lead employment program for mature job seekers who are at risk of long-term unemployment, has launched its first report. Australian’s aged over 45 years receiving income support are at higher risk of long-term welfare dependence, and this trend is consistent in Southern Tasmania. On February 2019, there were 2120 persons aged over 50…

jobseeker over 45

Are you an older job seeker?

Work45+ is a one-stop information hub with tips for you from job seekers aged over 45 and employers who appreciate your strengths. Know your value Research shows older workers are: productive loyal safety conscious. Know your rights Age discrimination is unlawful: Employers must not discriminate against a job seeker because of their age. You don’t…

Hyundai I-load

Hyundai I-load available for a Community Organisation

Troublesmiths, an employment based youth social enterprise, no longer has a need for their Hyundai I-load Van. Workskills, as part of its Community Investment Foundation, would like to offer the van to a like-minded community organisation at a significantly reduced price. The Van is valued as of 12/3/20 at $25,000 (Pickles Auctions). Its current depreciated…


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