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Our Team

Mark Boonstra

Mark Boonstra


Mark holds an Associate Diploma Major in Youth Work, a Certificate IV in Youth and Community Development and a Certificate IV in Employment Services. Mark is experienced in programme implementation and management, community engagement and development, project design, youth work, rolling out evidence based and innovative programs including staff training and cross sector professional development delivery.

Mark has many years experience working across Australia including living and working in Indigenous settings in Western Australia and Northern Territory. Primarily his work was with young people and their families in both school and community settings. His roles have included the delivery of various schools based programs, predominantly in areas of low SES, aimed to increase protective factors, social connectedness, school retention and self-esteem.

In recent years Mark has developed and delivered innovative programs in/with various settings/audiences aimed to assist individuals in the development of employability skills and career pathways. This has been achieved collaboratively with community organisations which Workskills/Impact Communities has built partnerships with. Mark developed the Ready Set Job program that is now being rolled out across Tasmania.

Mark is the state facilitator/trainer for Coaching Young People for Success, and a National trainer for Families and Schools Together (FAST). He sits on a number of Boards, governance groups and steering committees, a number of these in the employment and skills development space.

Stacey Foster

Stacey Foster

Enterprise Officer - Troublesmiths

Stacey brings qualifications in Business, Education Support and Fine Arts to the Impact Communities team. Stacey’s management of the administrative needs of Impact Communities supports our creative growth and progress. Her commitment and valuing of the Tasmanian community is an integral part of Impact Communities’ ongoing focus to capacity-build through respectful relationships.

Stacey’s diverse experience in hospitality, administration, finance and education provide Impact Communities with a skillset that will help us to achieve our goals.

Stacey strengthens the work of Impact Communities by:

  • Building and supporting our community connections
  • Managing our internal policies and procedures
  • Assisting in the development of programs and services
  • Supporting staff and volunteers
  • PR/marketing and social media
Bridget Tape

Bridget Tape

FAST Co-ordinator

Bridget has come to her role at Impact Communities equipped with a wealth of experience acquired through her educational and employment endeavours spanning across the Social Welfare Services.

With a Bachelor of Applied Social Science, Certificate IV in Mental Health, Associate Diploma of Social Services in Child Care, plus a Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessing, Bridget’s motivation has been to work alongside others by way of engagement, education and empowerment.

Bridget has an employment history working with individuals and community groups of whom represent a variety of ages, cultures and backgrounds. She appreciates the dynamics of working with youth and furthermore, supporting and equipping those who provide such services.

She brings a desire for best practice into her personal work ethic and aims to coordinate a purposeful team approach to achieve outcomes for both colleagues and clients alike.


Nick Andrewartha

Employment Innovation Hub Facilitator

Nick was born in Tasmania, and after completing high school he moved to Queensland where he studied a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at the Queensland University of Technology. Nick soon discovered the importance of not only having great physical health, but a balance of mental and emotional health as well. This led to further study and a fellowship at The Centre for Resilient Leadership, where he was trained as a facilitator in personal leadership.

After his fellowship he began working on a number of projects, firstly founding a not-for profit organisation working at building strong communities and networks at a global scale. He soon began collaborating with numerous organisations right around the world who all shared a common vision. At a local level he begun working in his own coaching consultancy, where he soon discovered a passion for working with young people. He specialises in facilitating growth in individuals, by promoting emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and a positive psychology framework, whilst equipping young people with a set of skills to help build confidence and resilience, helping them strive towards achieving their own personal goals and dreams.

Nick enjoys his role, and being a part of the team. He is looking forward to helping many Tasmanians and contributing to the success of Impact Communities.

Bonnie Tuttle

Bonnie Tuttle

Operations Manager

Bonnie brings a broad range of skills to Impact Communities. Joining us in February 2018 as the YES Enterprise Coordinator, Bonnie’s ability and willingness to lead saw her taking on the new role of Operations Manager in July 2018.

Previously Deputy CEO of Volunteering Tasmania, and with a background in marketing and small business, Bonnie’s skills and sensibilities balance purpose driven work with financial security and ongoing organisational sustainability.

So far, Bonnie’s biggest achievement at Impact Communities is the management of the creation, launch and growth of the Troublesmiths brand, and the success of the brand to date.

Bonnie enjoys leading the Impact team to success through the many daily challenges faced by an ever-changing environment, and loves serving the Tasmanian community through Impact’s outcomes.

Her favourite thing about working at Impact Communities is seeing the personal and professional growth of both clients and staff – she believes it is a privilege to witness and support.

When she isn’t at work, you can find Bonnie in her veggie garden, walking through the bush, in her kitchen creating experimental dishes, or balancing her high energy with a relaxing yoga session.

Samantha Lawrence

Samantha Lawrence

Employment Innovation Hub Facilitator & FAST Support

Samantha Lawrence joined Impact Communities as their Youth Coach and FAST Support team member, and has since moved into the exciting new role of Employment Innovation Hub Facilitator. Samantha brings with her an abundance of personal knowledge as she has had the opportunity to work in many industries all around Australia. Some of the experiences that Samantha has had include working and living on the Sunshine Coast, Northern Territory, Mount Isa and Jindabyne with Hobart now called home.

Samantha has managed Holiday Parks, been a Director of Childcare Centres and was the Assistant Program Manager at Pontville Detention Centre to name a few of her past careers. Samantha’s last career was with the Catholic Archdiocese in Hobart as part of their Children’s Services Department. Along the way Samantha has successfully attained 3 Diplomas in Interior Design, Early Childhood and Education and most recently Business and is always looking at furthering her ongoing passion for learning. Samantha brings with her a bubbly personality, welcoming smile and a real zest for life!


Brodie Wilson

Administration Trainee

Brodie joined Impact Communities late 2018 and has been enjoying her role as an Administration Trainee ever since. Brodie has previously had experience in the retail and hospitality industries.

As Administration Trainee, Brodie assists and supports other members of the Impact Communities’ team as needed with general administrative duties. She always brings a cheerful and enthusiastic manner to the office and is always willing to help                                                                      where she can.

Being a young person herself, Brodie enjoys being able to be a part of the range different programs that are run by Impact Communities as well as being able to engage with the youth in the social enterprise. Brodie also loves the diversity that her role brings and the range of things that it has allowed her to do in such a short time.