Not Just Any Program

Empowering young people

Empowering young people to gain employability skills has traditionally been where the trainee is taught to improve on their resume writing, effectively address selection criteria and practice towards a preparedness for that up and coming interview.

But, the YES initiative is not just any training program. It’s an initiative that relies upon the staff embodying the organisation’s commitment and vision: realising potential and achieving goals. It’s an initiative that focuses on strengths, capacity and vision. It’s an initiative whereby staff are continuously harnessing hope and ushering Participants to move towards their personal growth, wellness, interconnectedness and yes, continuously developing employability skills.

Staff have been supporting Participants intensively throughout the period of months they attend YES; like a two-way deal, the coaches and the Participants both need to connect throughout their time at YES. Effort is required from both ends to make the entire initiative work.

It’s noteworthy when a Participant gains employment or embarks on a new training opportunity in a new found field of interest. Perhaps, even pursues an adventure with their skilled business idea. Indeed these achievements are to be celebrated as these are some of the recent outcomes for YES Participants.

The celebrations continue when there’s a sense of accomplishment witnessed as a Participant gets to spend their YES tokens on something that adds value to their life and career goals; “this camera has paid for itself in the hour I used it to take shots of my paintings.”

The visible display of work-readiness is captured in many ways – when a team of young people are banding together in preparation for the next week’s pop- up shop; busying, conversing, planning and arranging. Or when the stock control officer takes charge like a professional. Furthermore, when Participants arrive half an hour early for their pop-up shop shift to ‘assist as required’.

No, this is not just any program. YES Participants can be observed in action as work-ready, self-determined, accomplished and capable candidates to potential employers. It’s no surprise the YES initiative is marked as truly innovative and one of a kind.