New Partnership with Brave Foundation

Partnership with Brave Foundation

Over the past year a partnership has formed with Brave Foundation, arising from our common goals and vision. Impact Communities has been involved in Brave’s Education Strategy Working Group and has had input into the “Expecting and Parenting Teen Support and Education Strategy”. Workskills Inc./Impact Communities and Brave Foundation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) recognising this partnership. Impact Communities will be partnering with Brave in the delivery of its Journey to Destination workshops.

The Brave Journey to Destination (J2D) Program is a half-day workshop for expecting and parenting teens. It is designed to be presented and facilitated with a small group of 5-10. The program provides components of group discussion, journaling and reflection.

The purpose of the J2D program is to help teenage parents be inspired and empowered to access support and continue with, or finish their education, whilst encouraging their aspirations for a bright and successful future for them and their child.

J2D aims to help expecting and parenting teens by building self-awareness and self-efficacy so that they are empowered to overcome the challenges and barriers to finishing their education and pursuing their life goals. 

Workskills Inc./Impact Communities is delighted to partner with Brave Foundation who exist to provide support and acceptance to expecting and parenting teens, through referral and access to support and education opportunities.