Launching Youth Entrepreneurial Services

Youth Entrepreneurial Services (YES) is a new initiative on offer to young people working in partnership with their community.

Youth Entrepreneurial Services is an initiative of Impact Communities. It is an innovative social enterprise for young people to create and sell their own products and services online and through pop-up stores/markets using uniquely-designed retail modules. 

YES harnesses the young person’s interests who will decide on the products and services they produce (e.g. creative arts, gifts, woodwork, photography, web design).

YES has a ‘whole of community’ focus where local businesses and community members partner to achieve the outcomes; giving young people real life exposure to employers, their local communities and beyond.

YES is seeking expressions of interest from young people and members of the community who are interested in being involved in a creative partnership. 

  • The Participants (young people): will be between 15 and 24 years of age.
  • Business Hosts: host a work experience placement or a volunteer placement for the participant.
  • Skills Specialists: share their expertise and knowledge relevant to employment and employability with participants; conduct workshops on skills and provide support to individual participants.
  • Community Mentors: support participants with goal-setting, responsibility, strengths and job seeking skills; and provide support and advice to help participants navigate their first jobs.

To find out more about what YES does for young people and how you might be able to be involved in this exciting new initiative please get in touch with the team at Impact Communities. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.

YES is a program run by Impact Communities in partnership with Workskills Inc. and funded by The Australian Government’s ‘Empowering YOUth Initiative.’