Innovative alternative program kicking goals for unemployed youth

kicking goals for unemployed youth

In 2017 young indigenous Tasmanian Brodie Wilton joined the first group of Youth Entrepreneurial Services (YES) Participants. This decision has changed Brodie’s life for the better.

Through the unique combination of life and career coaching, as well as the hands on experience of participation in the YES Social Enterprise, Brodie’s interest in woodwork has flourished into an apprenticeship in cabinetmaking.

Brodie, who at 21 years old had been in and out of temporary employment since high school, found his groove and ultimately his career path by designing and manufacturing chopping boards and cheeseboards for the YES social enterprise – a retail program that gives participants the opportunity to experience and learn from any element of business operations.

The quality of Brodie’s work and his dedication caught the attention of a local business, who offered Brodie an apprenticeship just over a month ago.

Brodie is already installing bench tops, table tops and cabinets on commercial and recreational joinery jobs. In the coming weeks, he is looking forward to commencing the TAFE competent of his apprenticeship in Launceston.

Finding his career has been a journey for Brodie and he has learnt a few life lessons along the way. Brodie has learnt that following your dream takes perseverance, hard work and a belief in yourself.

He would also like to acknowledge the vital roles of his YES coaches Nick Andrewartha, Anthony Pisano and Ben Kurec, Business Consultant Dallas Harding and Community Based Support’s Scott Weeding have played in providing support, encouragement, skills and a belief in him.

Kicking Goals for Unemployed Youth

Youth Entrepreneurial Services is an initiative of Workskills’ community arm, Impact Communities. The initiative offers young people between 15-24 years of age who are at risk of long term unemployment an opportunity to gain a variety of work experience, learn more about themselves in a supportive and exciting environment, and ultimately progress into work, self-employment, or further education.

Entry to the program

Entry to the program is via expression of interest or referral and is subject to entry requirements. For more information see