Freya’s Troublesmiths Journey


When I first started I was lacking in self-confidence and found that I always doubted myself. During my time here I’ve learnt to think more positively and I now approach things with a more positive attitude. I got so much out of the coaching. It showed me that being positive isn’t cheesy, it is about wanting to improve. It’s nice to try to push my life in a different direction. My outlook on life has dramatically changed for the better. This is a new chapter for me, I now have a permeant-part time position! I’m one big step closer to where I want to be. Troublesmiths has given me the chance to think about what I really want to do, where I want to be and who I want to be.

Stacey, Megan, Nick and Sam have been some of the most supportive, understanding and encouraging people I have worked alongside of. They always push us to feel and think in a positive way and my outlook on life has dramatically changed for the better because of this. I feel eager to challenge myself and to keep learning every day.

Our buzz sessions are always a highlight for me because it’s a time where we can openly celebrate personal and professional achievements and not feel judged to say what is on our minds, especially when I would normally feel cheesy about certain things. The resume and cover letter sessions were extremely insightful and made me have confidence in my ability to approach job opportunities in the right way. It gave me the information that I needed, when I was feeling so lost because I didn’t know what people’s expectations were. I didn’t know what to avoid with my resume and cover letter. But now I feel good about it and I’ve put myself out there and gone for things I wouldn’t have before. Meeting people from all different backgrounds has been really refreshing and having the chance to support and up lift each other has been really personally satisfying.

Before I just didn’t believe that I could do anything, I would doubt myself so much. But after all this I’m way more confident in myself and my abilities. Troublesmiths helped me get a job opportunity, which is a permanent part-time position. It (the program) works, because I got a job out of it and I know so many people who it would help too.

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