Fairview Primary FAST Evaluation Results

FAST Feature

A defining feature of FAST is its rigorous evaluation process, which provides statistically significant data to measure progress, make continuous improvements, and sustain FAST into the future.

This week the Evaluation Report for the FAST program held at Fairview Primary School was received and shows some fantastic results.

Key findings included:

  • 60% of parents reporting improvements in family conflict
  • 70% of parents reporting improvements in total family relationships
  • 90% of parents reporting an improvement in the relationship between FAST parent and child; and
  • 100% of parents reporting improvements in both community and total social relations

Some comments received from parents who participated in the program include:

  • “…it has helped me realise that I am not as alone in my daily struggles as a parent.”
  • “[My child has] more confidence, initiative taking, and generally communicating more and better.”
  • “[My child is] helping more around the house and socialising with other kids and being a kind and loving child.”

Impact Communities is currently delivering FAST in the Derwent Valley and Brighton municipality, federally funded through the Communities for Children initiative, facilitated by the Salvation Army.

If you are interested in implementing FAST in your community please get in touch.