Are you an older job seeker?

Work45+ is a one-stop information hub with tips for you from job seekers aged over 45 and employers who appreciate your strengths.

Know your value

Research shows older workers are:

  • productive
  • loyal
  • safety conscious.

Know your rights

Age discrimination is unlawful:

  • Employers must not discriminate against a job seeker because of their age.
  • You don’t have to tell an employer or recruiter how old you are.

Build your skills and confidence

Work45+ is friendly and positive. Its information and links will help you find the support you need to:

  • look for jobs in all kinds of places
  • improve your IT skills
  • use and expand your networks
  • identify skills you already have that might suit a different industry
  • make a plan for your career and your life
  • find and finish training
  • research the job you’re applying for
  • write a strong resume that’s brief but relevant
  • be positive about your ability to do the role
  • explain why you’re the best person for the job
  • practise interviews and ask for feedback
  • keep up to date with COVID-19 information for job seekers.

Older Jobseekers





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