Getting Parents Back in Business


Getting parents back in business

Helen and Laura after a session that explored confidence and interview presentation.

Many of us spend time out of our professional roles while raising our young families. Re-gaining the confidence and the courage to search for new opportunities can be difficult. Coming together to support each other on that path is a practice of true community. Schools can be a great place of community.

Congratulations to those parents of Glenorchy and South Hobart Primary Schools who this year joined an 8 week pilot program aimed to support skilled and professional parents wishing to re-enter the Tasmanian workforce. This program covered areas of self-awareness, confidence and skills adaptation, along with considerations of financial planning, self-marketing and the balancing of family needs. Sessions were tailored for the fields of interest and expertise held by the participants. Connections to local business and mentors allowed for the exploration of new and innovative ideas.

The following feedback was received at the conclusion of the program. This feedback assists us in our goal for continuous improvement.

“putting my skills into a new order…this was useful…I’ve not been able to do that.”

“looking at that idea of benefits vs compromises, of how my goals fit in with my current personal values.”

“networking….finding out what it really means and feeling okay about connecting.”

“I feel really good now I’ve worked out what I actually want and I’ve enrolled to study in that.”

Congratulations again to those parents of Glenorchy and South Hobart Primary Schools on your fantastic achievements.’